Logic X 10.1.0

Logic X

Logic X update 10.1.0 is a major step forward from 10.0 (phew)

especially for electronic music producers.

My first look at the 10 new Drummers and really impressed.

Great sound and a diverse sample collection.

New Logic X screencasts coming soon….


Triptonezia – Ableton Live Arrange View

This video shows Ableton Live’s arrange view for a track born out of some Synth patches & Drum Rack patches I created. I also used a chord effect from an excellent tutorial from Danny J Lewis, check it out here http://youtu.be/JgCmADNG_rQ
I used Operator, Drum Rack, Max For Live’s Mono Sequencer and MIDI LFO’s as the main effects, tools and sounds…


Logic Pro 9 – Introducing Sequencing 2 of 3

This screencast demonstrates basic sequencing techniques in Logic Pro 9. This is 2 of 3 videos showing cut, paste and copy techniques for regions and MIDI notes and how to browse MIDI and audio loops using Media library. It also shows how to load MIDI instruments.