45 minute New Skool DJ mix using Novation Twitch & Ableton Live

Check out the screencast of this DJ mix at https://youtu.be/prvt7tReyPM

First time I have used a controller and Ableton to DJ with, usually use vinyl/CDjs.

Pleasantly surprised, I know its contraversial with DJs but I enjoyed DJing with the set up which has to be an important aspect ???

Went overboard with the beat repeater but more of an experiment for myself, thought I would share it in this blog.

Triptonezia – Ableton Live Arrange View

This video shows Ableton Live’s arrange view for a track born out of some Synth patches & Drum Rack patches I created. I also used a chord effect from an excellent tutorial from Danny J Lewis, check it out here http://youtu.be/JgCmADNG_rQ
I used Operator, Drum Rack, Max For Live’s Mono Sequencer and MIDI LFO’s as the main effects, tools and sounds…