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Absolutely loving Abletons link update, syncing iPads iPhones and laptops. This isn’t the clunky syncs I remember from the early nineties when I used to have to strip a clock sync track to track 8 of my foster E8, this can be stopped on every device and resyncs with a push of a button. Well done Ableton

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VinylStudio, Great app for turning your vinyl into audio files

“At last, a vinyl to wave app that I feel isn’t wasting my time”

I have a big vinyl record collection and have previously only digitised various favourite pieces of vinyl to play in DJ sets form CDs and hard drives as there is still quite a lot of music that is not available digitally, especially sampled records from the 80’s and bootlegs from 90’s and 00’s. I have always put off digitising vast amounts of my vinyl collection as its always difficult to decide what format, name, processing to add and then save. Well, not so much what to add but if you over cook the compression or too much click removal and effects the transients of the drums you used to get stuck with it. The amount of time versus a saved mp3 that sometimes compromised the original vinyl just didn’t seem worth it to me. This week however this has all changed as I discovered VinylStudio.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 21.31.09

Bought from the Mac store for £22.50 it is the digitiser I have been waiting for, not only is it linked to the database where I keep my database of my record collection (Discogs) but it also keeps the original 16bit(or 24 bit) recordings you do before the processing and mp3 conversion. This means even if you do slip up on the digitising process you always have the higher quality original recording to do again. This means its fairly future proof if a new compression codec comes out. the obvious downside being its going to use a lot of hard drive space but for me personally I would rather buy a new drive than re-digitise 20,000 pieces of vinyl.

I love the way Discogs adds the original artwork to the files and I can also store wherein is in my house in the metadata along with key tempo genre etc.

Its not often I go on about an app but this one has re introduced me to my beloved vinyl collection , and for that alpinesoft I am truly grateful.

Nick Slater (Shades Of Rhythm, Drumattic Twins, Freakazoids)


45 minute New Skool DJ mix using Novation Twitch & Ableton Live

Check out the screencast of this DJ mix at

First time I have used a controller and Ableton to DJ with, usually use vinyl/CDjs.

Pleasantly surprised, I know its contraversial with DJs but I enjoyed DJing with the set up which has to be an important aspect ???

Went overboard with the beat repeater but more of an experiment for myself, thought I would share it in this blog.

Create a Kick Drum Using a Vocal Sample in Ableton 9

In this 9 minute screencast we demonstrate Ableton 9’s Sampler instrument and how to use your voice as an oscilator to shape a waveform suitable for a kick drum. We use the pitch envelope, filter envelope, transposition and ADSR envelope to create and edit a kick drum from a few recorded words.

Logic Pro 9 Set up Hyper Editor to Program Beats

8 minute Screencast to show you how to set up Hyper Editor in Logic Pro 9 to allow step input beat creation, similar to Drum editor on Cubase or FLStudio step input for drums. If you just want a bullet point list of how to set it up skip to 5 minutes for a written list. I first saw this tip on the Sound On Sound website….